Grafysorber: It CANNOT and it MUST NOT be all about the Internet


In Shoreditch and in the Silicon Valley there is a whole raft of very bright young minds, who have embraced digital technology to give consumers and businesses better information and more pleasant experiences in shopping or leisure.

Some of them I have had the pleasure to meet and indeed I believe they have the traits of extremely smart entrepreneurs.

In quite many instances though when I come across a technology start up I cannot help thinking of:

  1. a post from Richard Huntington “When it comes to technology, is the internet the best we can do?”
  2. Vector in Despicable Me-1

So I am delighted to introduce to whoever is bothering to read this post, the great, and not so young minds, of Directa Plus and their product Grafysorber.

A very physical product (with lots of intelligence in it…)  to solve a very physical challenge, i.e. cleaning our very physical, beautiful but alas very dirty Oikos.



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