Rosario Di Dio is Rosario Di Dio is not Rosario Di Dio

Let’s start with the basics, i. e. the hygiene factors:

This Blog's Author

This Blog’s Author


The other Rosario Di Dio

The Other Rosario Di Dio


If you happen to know Good Old Me since the ’70-’80 or you are the odd trusting normal person, you might be thinking, “what’s the point?”

However, in this sad and beautiful world we live in, I have learned that, especially if you are born in Sicily and live abroad, say in an Anglo-Saxon country, and you are making your way in the world of business it is better not to give, ever, anything for granted (or try not to).
After all it is only good grammar (as published by various guides to doing business in the UK) to present your credentials…
So let’s clear any potential doubts at the most basic level…in case you are tempted to give in some Google-based paranoia…

More credentials to follow, dear reader(s)


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